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It’s been a really interesting time in America lately. People are very polarized about the issues and it’s difficult to cum together and agree on just about anything. America needs to remember what really matters. No, I’m not talking about friends and family. I’m not even talking about democracy or values. I’m talking about orgasms. America needs to cum again. But who is going to help us achieve that goal? Why, Stormy Daniels, of course!

That hottie has been in a lot of interesting bedrooms, am I right? She might be a household name due to one of her high-level former clients, but she’s still a name no one should forget regardless. Why? She’s one of the hottest porn stars in the world and she’s always here to remind us of truly cum-worthy babes.

Stormy is helping the Make America Cum Again campaign and she wants you to join her. To show you’re on her team, purchase this official Covfefe coffee mug. You can even use it to drink the tears of your political rivals. It’s a must-have!

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